Adult Professional Employment

Since 1985, MARGARITA offers Adult Professional Employment Services in workshops. The initial idea was that these workshops would operate as protected productive workshops offering jobs to the young people that graduate from our Center. However, the lack of an institutional framework and appropriate social conditions until now has not allowed the operation of such workshops based on this model. Thus, the workshops in our Center provide about 70 graduates from the pre-educational courses the possibility to be professionally employed for a symbolic fee, in order to boost their motivation and their effort to potentially respond to the role of the employee. (look memo)

The workshops program focuses on:

  • the education of the young people on the subject of each workshop
  • the practice of social skills related to the role of the employee and
  • the systematic production of goods or the provision of services, aiming at their sale during bazars or to individuals who reach our Center.

The Adult Professional Employment Department includes the following Workshops:


Workshop 1: Jewelry, Gifts and Ornaments
Using beads, wire, “useless” materials etc., the workshop manufactures items such as key-holders, mirrors, mobiles/μόμπιλε, as well as traditional strings of beads, key rings, jewelry etc.

Workshop 2: Recycling – Gift Manufacturing
The workshop manufactures seasonal items (Christmas, Easter, Summer and other gifts), emphasizing on handicrafts based on recyclable materials. It develops papier mâché and découpage techniques.

Our students weave items covering a range from rugs and blankets to draw-sheets and book markers. Also, in collaboration with the Folklore Association “Rizes”, we make traditional aprons.

At “Margarita”, we teach the art of the traditional wooden loom, because we believe that it is a means for human communication, the development of skills, expressive creation and productivity.

Silk screen
The workshop is specially equipped in order to print manually both on Fabric and Paper. It prints both greeting and business cards, invitations, T-shirts, tablecloths, hats, handbags. It undertakes orders for advertising T-shirts and tote bags for schools, associations and companies.

The workshop has a greenhouse and a garden, where flowers and aromatic plants are produced. Also, vegetables are cultivated according to the principles of organic agriculture. In this workshop, the young people also undertake the maintenance of public and private green areas.

Laundry – Ironing
The workshop has professional equipment (washing machines, ironing machines and presses). It undertakes orders for laundry, drying and ironing from individuals and companies (restaurants, hostels) of the community. It also covers “Margarita”s needs.

Professional Horizons
The orientation of this particular workshop is to simulate, as much as possible, working conditions and rhythms. The students working there, on one hand, have expressed their wish for professional incorporation and, on the other hand, they are able to follow more intense working rhythms. In this context, this particular workshop undertakes orders for wedding and christening dragée purses.

The workshops products are sold in bazars organized both at “Margarita” and elsewhere. We have also developed a customers list that includes individuals, companies and agencies. The students working in the workshops have the chance to visit working sites, as well as try themselves in practice – “internship”. This practice is coordinated by the Access to Work Service in collaboration with institutions and enterprises.

Until now, we have collaborated with 43 “internship” institutions (working places) for the practice of our young students. The practice posts are assistants’ jobs and, specifically:

  • assistant ushers
  • canteen assistants
  • assistant gardeners
  • clothing assistants
  • kindergarten teacher assistants

The students can remain at the Workshops up to the age of 40.