Co-Financed Projects And Programs

MARGARITA has been participating in programs subsidized by Greek and European bodies since 1981 having as its goal the development, research, improvement of the services provided, creation of networks with scientific as well as neighboring national and European bodies and further training of its personnel.

Until now, MARGARITA has participated in the following programs:

- European Program for Vocational Training of the National Documentation Center (1981 – 1995)

- European Program Horizon (1993 – 1995)
In the context of this program, the personnel and the students have been trained and a house of semi-autonomous living has been operating by the parents of the inhabitants. Also, a shop operated for two years in Halandri, as well as a gardeners group consisting of students from the Center, for the maintenance of gardens.

- European Program “Battle Against Exclusion from the Labour Market” (1997 – 2000)

- National Operational Program “Education and Initial Vocational Training” (1998 – 2000)
The SEW “Margarita” realized a program on the “Upgrading of the curriculum of the Special School of Neo Iraklio with methods for training in autonomous living and pre-vocational skills”. The program led to the “Mannual of Special Education”.

- European Program for Public Investments (1999)
The construction of the new building for the Vocational Practice Program has been completed.

- European Program “Youth and Culture” (2001)
A program named “Experimental Theater Group of People with Mental Disabilities ‘The Small Theater Group’” has been realized under the auspice for the General Secretariat for Youth.

- National Operational Program “Education and Vocational Training” (2003)
A program named “Bridges to Work” has been realized in the context of the program “Support and Preparation actions for the Advancement of Equal Opportunities”. It included the provision of Parallel Support Services to 30 students.

- European Program “Youth” (2003 – 2004)
In the framework of the program “Young People Exchange”, a program named “Mediterranean – Baltic: Common Points / Chances for Acceptance: Environmental Activities for young people with mental disabilities” was realized by Greece and Latvia. General Secretariat for Youth

- European Program “eonardo Da Vinci” (2004)
In the framework of the program named “ATLAS”, through “MELEDONI”, tools have been developed for the evaluation of the social skills of people with mental disabilities who wish to work.

- European Program “Equal” (2006-2007)
In the framework of the program named “Market on Wheels”, a pilot company has been organized by people with mobility disabilities. Its aim was to promote and sale products from the production workshops for people with mental disabilities. The program included the training of three among our students as executives of the enterprise, which will have its seat at a shop (exposition) of the products manufactured in the SEW “Margarita”.

- Operational Program “Employment and Vocational Training” (2007 - 2008)
Two projects were realized in the framework of the program: “Complete Interventions in favor of specific groups with disadvantages (people with disabilities & former drug users)” “Provision of Parallel Support Services”