Parallel Support Services

The Parallel Support Services include a psychiatrist, a psychologist and social workers, who cover the specific needs of “Margarita”’s students. The role of the Parallel Support Services is diagnostic, advisory and supportive to the educational work.


Social Service

The Social Service is operated by social workers and is the linchpin between the body and the families of the young students. It is also in collaboration both with the scientific personnel (psychologist and psychiatrist) and the tutors, aiming to the better embracement and support of our young students.   

The work of the social service is to provide diagnosis, support, information, reinforcement and advice on issues that concern the students and their families.    

All forms of social work are applied in “Margarita”, according to the case (social work with individuals, groups, families, the community).


Psychological Service 

A psychiatrist and a psychologist are among the members of the Diagnostic Team. They collaborate with all the Services in “Margarita” and provide advisory support for the educational process.  They support the students and their families.