Sports, Cultural and Entertainment Activities

Sports, Cultural and Entertainment Activities 

Physical education:Physical exercise and the participation in sports contribute in promoting the good physical condition and wellbeing of our students. The sports programs offer the students the chance to participate in various sports events.   

“Small Theater Group”: A small semi-professional Theater group functions in Margarita; some among our students as well as working graduates participate in this group. The “Small Theater Group”, also making use of the General Secretariat for Youth programs, has a history of successful performances in schools etc.   

Cultural, educational and entertainment activities: Regular educational, entertainment and cultural visits in museums, educational institutions, cinemas, theaters, as well as workplaces  take place.

Excursions:Daily and three-day long excursions take place every year to various destinations in Greece, for educational and entertainment purposes. Also, participating in international projects, we build relationships with various institutions abroad. In the framework of such activities, groups of our young people have traveled to Germany, Sweden, Cyprus, Latvia, Turkey.    

Summer Camps:  Our young students participate in the special summer camp programs of  the Panhellenic Federation of the Societies of Parents and Guardians of Disabled People.   

Environmental Activities:We have active participation in environmental sensitization projects organized by various institutions, such as the Environmental Education Center of Kleitoria, the adjacent Municipalities, various non-governmental organizations etc.