Work Environment Integration Service

According to the Supported Job model, the Service includes the following sectors:

  • Practical training during studies 
  • Search for probable employers 
  • Onthejobtraining
  • Supervision of employees.

The service investigates:

  • the candidate’s wish to work. 
  • the capability and/or the wish of the family to support the candidate in this effort.
  • the candidate’s capabilities.
  • probable work places.
  • the delineation of his/her professional profile. 


  • It aims to match the candidate with an appropriate work post. 
  • It offers support to the employer.
  • It informs the employer about eventual new work posts financed by the programs of ΟΑΕΔ (Manpower Employment Organization).
  • It supports the families of the working young people. 

The harmonious collaboration between the employee, the family and the specialist of the incorporation service is necessary for the achievement of the goals of the service.