MARGARITA invites its friends to participate in MARGARITA’s Volunteering Program. The Program aims to create a core team of inspired and enthusiastic volunteers who, through various activities, will make the work and the philosophy of MARGARITA broadly known and will support the vulnerable social group it serves. 

Depending on the knowledge, the qualifications, as well as the time they can offer, volunteers can participate in: 

  • MARGARITA’s regular needs, in the workshops (gifts, catering, gardening) or in support departments (informatics, secretarial support, filing, photos, translation etc)
  • the extra needs, in activities aiming to the promotion of Margarita’s work, in events for the celebration of the 35 years from its establishment, in festive bazaars etc.  

The MARGARITA’s Volunteering Program will give volunteers the chance to make use of their knowledge and skills for the benefit both of the vulnerable social group it serves and of the society in general, in order to make another step towards the comprehension and acceptance of difference.