What we do


We aim at young people with mild and moderate intellectual disability aged 14 to 25 at their intake year. The introduction to our services and programs follows the evaluation conducted by the interdisciplinary team consisted of the following experts: psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, special education teacher, occupational therapist.

We offer the following services:

  • Education
  • Special vocational training
  • Support in employment
  • Training in supported living
  • Associated Programs

In our workshops, young people train in everyday living skills (e.g. cooking, self-service, traffic education etc.), in general work skills (e.g. responsibility, consistency, team working ability etc.) and in special vocational skills (e.g. use of machine and tools, use of vocational techniques etc.). At the same time, they can participate in athletic, cultural and entertaining activities. During their attendance they are supported by the interdisciplinary team of experts.

The attendance is offered free of charge and the insurance funds are used.

Our aim is to offer opportunities to young people with intellectual disabilityfor their personal development and progress, autonomy and social and vocational inclusion,through our services and programs.