For the families


The Accompanying Support Services are targeting the special needs of the service users of MARGARITA. These services are delivered by a multidisciplinary team consisted by MARGARITA’s psychiatrist, psychologist, occupational therapist and social workers.

The role of the Accompanying Support Services is diagnostic and consulting for the families while they support the educational progress of the service users.

Social Service

The Social Service of MARGARITA has social workers who connect the organization with the families of our service users. The social workers collaborate with both the scientific staff (psychologist, occupational therapiust, psychiatrist) and the trainers, in order to provide better support that responds to the needs and wishes of the service users.

The job of the social service is to discover, support, inform, empower and advise on issues that concern the service users and their families.


In MARGARITA, we apply, on a case-by-case basis, all forms of social work (social work with an individual, group, family, community).

Psychological Support Service

The psychiatrist and psychologist are members of the Diagnostic Team. They work with all Margarita Services and support the educational progress of the service users while offering consultation to the service users and their families.