“MARGARITA” organizes scientific seminars and participates regularly in trainings and conferences, either as a conferrer or as alecturer. The staff stays informed and receives training in several fields that concern the education and support of people with intellectual disability as well as in topics regarding efficient ways of administration.

Some of the seminars we have organized the past years:


Lecturers: Ioannis Papadopoulos, ex Deputy Director of Services for People with Special Needs, Kantoni of Geneva – EutixisFytrakis, Doctor of Law School, expert in Ombudsman issues, Lecturer in E.A.P. –VenetaLampropoulou, Professor in the Faculty of Pedagogy at the University of Patra – Agg. Koutoumanos, Social Worker (MSc, MPhil), Editor of – Graham Woods, Senior staff member, Harrow MENCAP – YiannisBistas, Director of MARGARITA VTC

Intellectual Disability: Theexample of Great Britain: Integration, Autonomy, Rights and Challenges

MegaroMousikis, Athens, 3 of December 2016. Co-organisers: British Counsil, MENCAP

Lecturers: Lorella Terzi, Professor of Philosophy in Education, University of Roehampton – Braham Norwich, Professor of Educational Psychology and Special Education, University of Exeter – Daniel Adam Goodley, Professor of Education & Disability Studies, University of Sheffield – Duncan Mitchell, Professor of Health & Disability, Department of Nursing, Metropolitan University of Manchester – Chris Chalkley, Peripheral Co-ordinator, Mencap UK – Mark O’Leary, Beneficiary of Mencap UK organisation – Michalis Loudaros, Beneficiary of MARGARITA Vocational Training Center

“Entrenching all-embracing lives for autonomous citizens” – a model of support and inclusion for people with intellectual disability

Co-organisation with Higgs, Friday 2nd of November 2018

Presentation of a holistic model of supportive services that MARGARITA VTC suggests. The model concerns the needs and conquests of people with intellectual disability, as they have been configured in Europe and the world around us.