Activities for the beneficiaries


The service users of MARGARITA participate in various athletic, cultural and recreational activities.

Recreational Activities

Participation in the special summer camp programs of POSGAMEA (Pan-Hellenic Federation of Parents and Guardians of Persons with Disabilities).


Service users participate in the activities of MARGARITA’s kiosk. During breaks, the interested in this activity people, are selling healthy snacks and drinks that they prepare themselves.


The service users develop and publish a magazine with their news and general interests twice a year.


In MARGARITA’s premises operates a lending library.

Educational Games

Activities in which service users are playing board games or use educational computer games.


Weekly meetings during which the service users share their news, discuss current issues and issues that concern them, and get updated on Margarita's operational issues that affect them. They also submit proposals for improvement and take responsibilities for their implementation.


The theater team provides to service users the opportunity to express their feelings, ideas and concerns through alternative channels of communication such as theatrical speech, movement, and dance. Artistic expression makes it easier to gain a sense of body, to broaden the repertoire of individual roles, and to acquire social skills.

Educational visits

Educational and recreational visits to Museums, educational institutions, theaters, business areas, etc. are organised.

Athletic Activities

Physical activity and participation in sports games, pursue the good physical condition and well-being of the service users. Through the sports programs, young people have the opportunity to participate in various sport events.


Each year we organise one day or multiple days excursions to different destinations in Greece with an educational and entertaining element. Also, by participating in international programs, we build relationships with relevant overseas organisations that allow the mobility of MARGARITA’s service users. Through such actions, our service users have traveled to Germany, Sweden, Cyprus, Latvia, Turkey, Spain.

Environmental Activities

We are actively involved in environmental awareness programs of various agencies, neighboring municipalities.